Latest From Ryan – Podcast 28Th November

Thanks to jfromthed71 for providing us with this summary.

– A song from the Others Lost Band, that seemed to last for about 3 hours…
– Filming in a residential home, w/ Roger and Ben. Roger: “This is not the life I wanted for you”
– Alex is back; she runs up to the above mentioned house. They speak for a few minutes and she says “you’re the best!” Ben watches her leave and goes back into the house.
– Diamond Head Grill used for filming. Sawyer and Charlotte, were on an apparent date.
– The next day, filming was at police station (where Sarah bailed out Jack.) Sawyer and Miles were filming… Miles was definitely a cop. Another character Liam was to possibly be in the scene.
– Submarine filming; on and inside the submarine.
– Sawyer was getting on the submarine. Widmore was also in the scene.
– Sawyer is in silver car, see’s Miles, opens car door. Sawyer gives Miles a notebook of some kind. Miles flips thru the notebook, looking at pictures, and stops at one in particular… then a car smashes into theirs. The woman driving jumps out and runs down an alley.
– Sawyer catches up to the woman, pushes her against a gate, seemingly capturing her. He spins her around and pulls off her hood, revealing Kate.
– [plays audio from car crash scene]
– Monday filming; Sawyer, Kate, Locke, Sayid, Jin, Cindy, two kids… Clair came later.
– The above characters were “joining the club” dressed as Others/”Pirate-like” outfits
– Tents and fire pits filmed; Sawyer, Kate, Locke, Sayid, and Clair

Thanks to our good friend Ryan from The Transmission for sending us his latest excellent podcast.

The spoiler section is about one hour, 10 minutes in.

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