Filming Update And Several New Set Pics

Hey All,
Here is a new set report and some pics about the well guarded Temple set. A lucky LOST fans spent a few weeks looking for LOST sets and stumbled on to what appears to be the Temple set!

Also there seems to be a good reference to Hinduism and Trimurti (roughly translates to Three Statues or “Forms”) and references three gods, creator, preserver and destroyer. Here is the wiki link: Trimurti

Thanks to CoupleOfLostFreaks for the report and great pics.

They were filming at that location a few days prior to me getting the pictures and it looks like they had a little campfire set up with a cauldron over it and in another part of the set there were some rotting potatoes and an old looking blanket. Looked like it was a scene taking a place in the islands ancient times. There is a lake/pond in front of the temple with what looks like a couple of steps leading into it (I was told the lake was created there just for the set) and on the other side of the lake there is sort of a cellar door that locks from the outside so I’m assuming it’s to keep something or someone inside. Now, the temple is pretty massive with a staircase on the second level and two statues of what I assume is Trimurti on the front of it. We know the island has some Egyptian ties (The Anubis statue) but I never realized it had ties to Hinduism as well. It was very intriguing seeing all that and trying to connect the dots. now it’s purely speculation on my part, but judging by what I’ve seen I believe the island might be some kind of a collective “paradise” for different religions.

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